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Tonya Knudsen ArtMakerNYC Founder & Director ♦ Tech / Sponsorships

The Lady Miss Tonya Knudsen is the author of The Duchess Adlai book series. She enjoys painting, costuming, drawing & imagining wonderful new things. - Author. Artist. Inspirer. “I tell stories, I always have. I want to draw people out of their everyday lives and tune them into mythos, history and symbolism. I aim to demystify arcane ideologies. I exist to make ancient wisdom and hidden knowledge accessible to the modern, digital and rapidly-advancing technical world.


My work has most recently been categorized as Surrealist Feminism. Each canvas has a unique fable, or delves into possible, feminine psychological states, or shows “ologies” lost to time … but they do, each one, examine what it is to be female in compelling, fanciful ways that allure viewers of all genders and ages to stop, look and wonder.


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