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Priscilla Devi  | Visual Arts & Event Coordination

Priscilla is a multidisciplinary, emerging young artist and event coordinator. Born in Queens, raised on Long Island, with residencies in Brooklyn, between city and country, she considers herself equal parts native New Yorker and Long Islander. She has an AA in Communications from SUNY Suffolk and is a first-generation American; her parents are both Indo-Caribbean immigrants from British Guyana. Her father was in aerospace and was part of the original '77 NYC punk movement while her mother was in finance in high fashion, so she is the living embodiment of that amalgamation.


Her inspiration draws from a fountainhead of sources ranging from the berth of her heritage, the stratification of societal assimilation, the complex spectrum of human emotion, and her unique life experiences as fuel for her artistic endeavors. She is further inspired by haute couture, international street fashion, fine art, Western and Eastern religion and spirituality, occultism, dystopia, futurism, glamour, pop culture and anime, cinema, theater, travel and the written word.


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