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Maria Alekseev  | OpticVoid

Born and raised in New York City, Maria Alekseev (OpticVoid) is a practicing fine artist and professional arts educator. She draws her inspiration from a collection of interests ranging from historical and cultural traditions, high fashion, NYC street style and attitude, biological forms and hybridization to hypnagogic hallucinations, horror, and all things offensively beautiful. Her mediums are painting, drawing, intaglio printmaking and most recently has begun creating short art films with her newly formed artist collective The Dark Circus X. ♦ Portfolio, shop + more ♦ "To get sneak peeks into my art practice, behind the scenes studio views, private insights into my work and read about the conceptual motivations behind my work this is the best place to visit. Your Patron support also gives you access to tons of other goodies like tips and exercises for creative blocks, direct links to creative inspiration and resources, an exclusive look at writings from my personal artist diary, as well as first looks at new projects and projected projects ahead. I offer several tiers for support welcoming you Inside the Void where together our curiosity for all that is offensively beautiful can be explored and fulfilled in the darkness."


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