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Slaughter DK

Slaughter DK is a queer/non-binary New Jersey-based artist who makes dark, abstract work. They were born and raised in Guttenberg, New Jersey, and have an AA in Computer Arts from Hudson County Community College and a BA in Art History from Arizona State University. They make multimedia paintings, portraits, digital collages, and drag looks from their work studio in Union City, NJ. Slaughter is inspired by the macabre, abject and the psychologically triggering, as well as drag, glamour and pop culture.

In June of 2022, they hosted their own show “Vesti La Giubba” based off the Italian Opera Pagliacci. In October of 2022, they also presented their first solo gallery exhibition “Fëver Dreams” at the DollHaus II Gallery in Bayonne, New Jersey. Slaughter hopes to incorporate more performance into their art in the future.


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