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Meet the Artists

Steering Directors - Meet our talented crew of visionaries!! 
♦ Daniella D. - Craft & Vending 
Jennylee Marcelin - Social Media & Promotion
♦ Mia Theodoratus - Music & Performance
Priscilla Devi - Visual Arts & Event Coordination
Tonya Knudsen - Founder, Tech & Sponsorships

♦ Gigi Arroyo
Maria Alekseev (OpticVoid)
Slaughter DK

♦ Our thanks to Talon Bar for working with us on our 2024 show.
♦ A big ArtMakerNYC thank you to Abby Editrix and HEKATE CAFÉ & ELIXIR LOUNGE for providing an amazing space fostering art, sobriety, community, craft and magic.

♦ To Chi Chi Valenti for her invaluable support and mentoring and The MotherboardsNYC which was the original home of the ArtMakerNYC forum. 

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